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MileIt iPhone App Launches in the App Store

Putting an app on sale is much like launching a new website. The only difference is that the new website doesn’t require a 2 week waiting period from one of the largest companies on Earth. Today we were happy to hear that Apple has approved MileIT, the newest App from Three29 and Trial Tactics, now for sale in the Apple […]

Overcoming Success Anxiety & Focusing on the Now

Ensuring a future as a young designer can be difficult, definitely more so than choosing a font. Not to say that choosing the right font for a project is easy, but rather creating a blueprint for a successful career can rack the brain. We start with a dream, and in my case, it’s becoming a […]

India and Indiana: How Geographic Difference Affects Creative Problem Solving

Problem solving and creativity run hand in hand. The ability to interpret problems and locate the best solution requires a radical sense of creativity—looking at the issue from numerous angles, generating options, and arriving at the ideal solution are tasks best approached with imagination. The good news, regardless of whether you’re a digital designer, account […]

Should We Teach Our Kids Code?

There was an interesting article I came across the other day asking a question I’ve also thought about for some time. Should we teach kids how to code? Kids absorb new skills, technology and information so quickly and naturally it puts the older generation to shame. We constantly see younger generations pick things up faster […]

Coping with Non-functional Design Feedback From Clients

Having only graduated from design school a year ago, I still consider myself a “design newbie” with much to learn from the “real world.” There are many big and small lessons that I am still figuring out about the business of design. One lesson I find to be very important is the art of handling […]