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iOS8 Hands-On Experience and More Revealed

It’s been over two weeks since the iOS8 beta has been released and it’s not that different from iOS7, at least visually. However, there are a few software upgrades that improve the user experience exponentially. I promise I’m not just an Apple fanboy. I’ve used Android phones in the past (previous HTC Evo owner) and […]

Rapid Fire with Tyler Longman

Tyler Longman is Three29’s new Digital Strategist, offering our clients long term Social and SEO optimization to keep them competitive in the massive digital marketplace. Tyler earned his Economics degree from California State University Sacramento with a minor in Marketing. He’s a self-proclaimed “data-driven marketer,” which comes from his passionate focus on number crunching in […]

Business Card Swag.

Just like opening a gift on christmas morning! We’re excited here at Three29 to announce the arrival of our brand new business cards. We’ve been working on an update for our brand image, look, and logo for some time now, and these business cards showcase our exciting new direction.   Our own Lisa Lam went […]

Employee Spotlight: Josh Loyst

Over the course of the last year, Josh has dazzled our staff and clients with his ability to code cleanly and bring life to the office. Josh has years of industry experience, ranging from freelance graphic design, to a degree from Sacramento State’s Design program. Because of this, he’s just as cognizant of the front-end […]

wimZr Launches in App Store and Google Play!

Blake and John, the founders of recently launched wimZr, came to us with big eyes and even bigger dreams. As realistic as the two of them are, they knew that wimZr could be something revolutionary. The idea was simple.  Going to Vegas for a bachelorette? Put your trip in wimZr and browse people who will […]