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Web Design: Inspiration & Process

Designing a website can be an easy task to many, but taking into account many different goals and aspirations a client has for their online presence is not easy. Creating a “pretty picture” as we say, that people care about for their business isn’t just throwing their brand’s color palette and logo into Photoshop and […]

Logo Design: Inspiration and Process

A logo is not just a picture. A logo embodies a company’s hopes, goals, ideas, and intentions. It’s a thousand words contained into a simple shape. The logo serves as the public image for a company and as a representation of the owners’ beliefs. It also projects the emotions and intentions of the people who […]

Fall 2014 Mobile Device Toss Up: Android or iPhone

The release of the next heirs to the Apple device throne, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch (which is saved for another post) have churned debate over the last couple of weeks. Should I get the 6, the 6 Plus, the new Nexus X, or the Moto X? There are so many great […]