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Kara’s 8 Favorites of 2014

You’ve seen the lists all over the web, and of course so have I. But to my surprise, nobody at Buzzfeed wrote an article about his or her favorite Three29 moments. (I’ll be keeping a look out in 2015, Buzzfeed) Read below to see our agency’s favorite moments, from the perspective of your Account and […]

The Future of Technology: Smartwatches & VR

Based on the 1989 film Back to the Future II, we’re supposed to be riding around on hover-boards, or flying around in cars at this point in our timeline of technology. That isn’t necessarily true (this hoax had us believing!), but technology as a whole is advancing quicker than most can keep up with while impacting […]

Death to Carousels and Sliders

In the world of User-Interface Design, trends come and go. The field of user-interface design is fast paced and elements that were popular just three months ago can be deemed out-dated by the time you notice five websites using it. But there has been an element that has stuck around FOREVER and is still constantly being requested […]