2016. A Year in Review.

2016. A Year in Review.

Say what you will about 2016, but it was another great year for Three29. Growth has continued to be the driving trend of the agency, however, it’s been a while since we’ve taken a moment to step back and fully appreciate our progress. In the spirit of the New Year, we’re looking all the way back to our beginnings in 2010 and comparing some of the statistics that represent daily activity in our office. We’ve also highlighted notable parts of the past year.

1. Statistics

Across the board, massive growth was experienced in the Three29 office. In 2016, the number of projects completed, active clients and hours tracked all exponentially increased. The number of tasks and comments made within our project management system grew by an almost unfathomable amount when comparing to our first year in 2010. With all of this growth came the need to get work done, so naturally our team has grown as well.

2. B20 to F20

We moved to a new office this year, a real agency office. We now have three functional conference areas, a lounge area, and a kitchen with a dining area. It’s perfect for our growing team. The office is meant to encourage a more collaborative environment. You’ll find us brainstorming over our laptops in the various areas, playing board games at the dining table, rounding up in front of the lounge area TV for a game of Smash Bros, and drinking bottomless coffee from the kitchen. Below are a couple of photos from the construction process and a look at the finished product. We’re putting the finishing touches on decorating so there are more photos to come.

3. Functional Requirements Document

With the expansion of the Account Services department, including the addition of the position Director of Client Services, we have introduced a number of ways to document our processes in a way that involves the client more. The epitome of this is the introduction of the Functional Requirements Document. The FRD serves a plethora of purposes and is a cross-departmental bridge. It features the approved final design of the product, text regarding intended functionality, is written by the Digital Producer (Account Manager), and is presented to the client to sign. It’s the one document that ties all of it together neatly before we go into the build phase.

4. Team Growth

In addition to moving to a bigger office, we began filling it with brand new lovely employees! This year alone, we’ve filled five new positions: one Digital Producer, one Accountant, and three Developers. We’re excited to have come to a point of expanding each of the departments in this way, and we have big plans for the Digital Strategy department in 2017 so keep checking in with us by reading our blog!

5. Site Redesign in the Works

Last but certainly not least, we’re proud to announce that a redesign of the Three29 site is currently in the works. The new site will be more buttoned up and serve as a better representation of the agency that we’ve grown into. Here’s a little sneak peek of what we’re working on…

Thank You

A huge “thank you” goes out to everyone that made 2016 so special. We’re already a couple of weeks into 2017 and it has started off with a bang. We have a number of new projects that we are very excited to get started on, along with the current clients that we look forward to continuing work with.

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