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Life After Flash: Web Animations

Animations in web got their start back in 1987 when CompuServe (the first online service to offer internet connectivity) introduced the GIF. Flash was primarily used by companies to enhance their logos by rotating them 360 degrees, this gave the impression of a 3D object on the screen. After about 10 years, Flash was introduced […]

6 Tips on Writing Creatively and Effectively for Your Blog

Creative blog writing can be a great outlet to express your thoughts, opinions, and knowledge with others. The internet today is overflowing with amazing blogs to find insight and information from. If you’ve ever thought about tapping into your creative side through writing but aren’t sure where to start, you’re not the only one! Getting […]

Catching Up with… Justin Welenofsky

Justin is our Lead Web Developer at Three29 with an impressive range of programming languages, and the ability to get to the root of any issue that comes our way. He is the go-to guy for any complex security issues, and one of the many talented devs we have for custom web and app builds. […]

Your Daily Social Media Checklists to Increase Engagement

If the title of this blog piqued your interest – good! We’re glad you’re here. Why? Because you probably are feeling a little overwhelmed managing your brand’s social media. Or, you’re looking for clear guidelines on ways to increase engagement and followers in today’s digital atmosphere. Either way, we totally get it. It’s a lot […]

Catching Up with… Josh Loyst

Josh has been with Three29 for almost 6 years, and is not only known around the office for his quick wit, but for being one of the best front-end developers we’ve ever known! We caught up with Josh to learn more about his interests in and outside of the workplace and what makes him a […]

Web Design Trends to Look For in 2021

Keeping up with web design trends is a wonderful way to soak in all the different types of creative solutions possible for any project. It allows you to explore all the creative options out there and makes you feel connected to an inspired design community. It’s a way for us creative thinkers to move forward, […]