Our Framework to Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts

If you’re like most businesses, you aren’t satisfied with your level of insight into the success of your digital marketing efforts (website, ads, email, social, etc.). Can you answer the questions: what’s working, what’s not, and how can we improve? If not, we can help.

Here’s a little about what we do:

  • Create websites that are designed to convert visitors into customers
  • Develop custom marketing strategies that are tailored to your business
  • Manage your social media accounts and create engaging content
  • Run paid advertising campaigns that generate results
  • Track your results and make adjustments as needed

Our Framework Overview

Phase I:


Phase II:


Phase III:


Phase I: Discovery & Strategy

Step 1: Discovery & Connection

Understanding your pain points and needs is the first step to seeing how we can best work together. Our goal is to provide a solution that addresses your specific challenges and delivers the value you’re seeking. We’re committed to discovering what led you to seek out our services and how we can best support you.

Step 2: Marketing Opportunity Proposal

After our initial discovery meeting, we’ll present to you a customized proposal that aligns with your unique needs. Our team will apply marketing expertise that’s tailored to your KPIs. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposal; we take a personalized approach so our recommendations are the best fit for your business.


Step 3: Agency Partnership Kickoff

Building trust with you is key. After the proposal, we’ll invest time to get to know you and tailor our services to your projects and goals. You’ll meet key members of our team who will work closely with you to achieve success.

Step 4: Digital Analytics & Strategic Survey

To provide you with the best possible solutions, we go beyond your specific business needs by surveying the competitor landscape and analyzing your data. Based on our findings, we’ll present you with a comprehensive Strategic Survey that includes a Competitive Technical Analysis and recommend key initiatives.

Phase II

Step 5: Growth Implementation & Execution

This phase, based on your main KPI, is where you’ll see the deliverables in our strategy come to life. Once we’ve presented you with our recommendations and you’ve approved them we can launch the first of many implementation and execution phases. We will cycle back to this phase as we reach our goals.


Marketing Strategy

Objective Key Results

To get us to our main KPI, we’ll select OKRs that show our progress toward our goal in each project so we know we’re on track.

Possible OKR’s

Email Open Rate of 25%

Social Engagement of 2.5%

Page speed of 80+

Big Projects

This is our biggest opportunity that will make the biggest difference in reaching our main KPI. Deliverables depend on the project we choose together.

Possible Big Projects

Mobile App Build

Marketing Framework

These are the marketing projects that complement Project I that we know will get us to our goal. The Marketing Framework works in tandem with our Big Projects.

Possible Marketing Framework

Phase III: Evaluation & Optimization

Step 6: Weekly Performance Audit & Insights Report

As we accomplish our Objective Key Results we’ll set new projects and add additional marketing deliverables to the Marketing Framework. We will have weekly check-ins and generate monthly reports to measure the results of our efforts to make sure we’re on track to reach our KPI.


Step 7: Optimization

Continuing to grow your business means using what we’ve learned to start new projects. This phase can prompt the creation of new projects and the adjustment of the Marketing Framework to make sure we’re on track to reach the goals we established together, as well as newly developed goals that build upon our previous efforts.

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