President & Founder
Kevin Howe
Kevin Howe President & Founder
Digital Marketing Director
Tyler Tassinari
Tyler Tassinari Digital Marketing Director
Lead Project Manager
Max Richter
Max Richter Lead Project Manager
Lead Developer
Justin Welenofsky
Justin Welenofsky Lead Developer
Office Manager
Laurie Moses
Laurie Moses Office Manager
Senior Designer
Hailey Rabdau
Hailey Rabdau Senior Designer
Sr. Front-End Developer
Josh Loyst
Josh Loyst Sr. Front-End Developer
Full Stack Developer
Vasile Stefirta
Vasile Stefirta Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer
Scott Hobson
Scott Hobson Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer
Brent Hoskins
Brent Hoskins Full Stack Developer
Front-End Developer
Ronnie Stamps
Ronnie Stamps Front-End Developer
Account Coordinator
Lee Vance
Lee Vance Account Coordinator


We work hard, we play hard. We’re creatives at heart. We have lives outside of the office, and protecting that makes us better in the office. Come see how our world rocks.