An Open Letter to Clients

An Open Letter to Clients

Three29 prides itself on client service with integrity. In a people-oriented process, we like to stick to honest principles. Here are some promises we keep:

We promise to get you the right answers, even if it takes longer and requires research. Instead of being perpetual yes-men and guessing when we don’t know, we’ll be upfront and tell you that we need to consult with our other team members or do some online research. We’re not afraid to be honest, and tell you we don’t know the answer to something because we want to get you the right answer. We’re not too concerned with appearing like we know everything because we simply can’t know everything. But we’re always up for learning something. Being able to say you don’t know the answer to a question is a powerful position to be it; it means you aren’t perpetuating a false front. We’re also always up to learn something new; we’re a curious bunch.

In a volunteer position I hold with an animal care center, I was asked about feline immunizations. Rather than guessing and making it seem like I knew the answer, I simply replied, “I don’t know, but you can ask [another volunteer], who will likely have an answer to your question.” And rather than getting aggravated from not receiving an answer she wanted, the customer paused and then said, “Thank you for telling me you don’t know rather than making something up.”


We promise to own up to our mistakes and find solutions to move forward. This goes along with the standing honesty we like to abide to, as displayed by our prior promise. We’re not the type to hide our mistakes, we know that only makes things worse. We’re going to come right out and embrace them as opportunities to better a relationship and the process. Mistakes come in handy as demonstrators of scenarios that don’t have to continue. We consider mistakes temporary reminders to re-adjust and re-consider our trajectory. Ideally, we would know everything and predict all outcomes, but we all know that’s not possible. We aren’t mind readers, magicians, or omniscient, so mistakes are a given in a process. Mistakes make the process all the better, they humanize it and bring it back down to Earth when the project seems almost to be out of our hands.


We promise to keep trying and keep interest. It’s very important in any process to retain an interest in the end-goal and to keep trying, through mistakes, discomfort, and growing pains. Throughout the process, we continuously remind ourselves of the value and worth of the time we are putting into it. We love to see the passion that clients have for their companies. It drives us forward and reinforces our client relationships in a way that makes the project all the clearer and the goal more attainable. We recognize how emotional the process can be, especially for our small-business entrepreneur clients, and also for our corporate clients. There’s one simple thing that all our clients have, they are real people working for their organization or for an organization, that they want to see succeed. We take that to heart and with that, we keep trying and keep interest.

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