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Mat is the man behind the memes, motion graphics, and many web designs. You might also know him as the creator of the viral #pizzacat 🍕😸 character, which he models after his own two cats. But beyond that, Mat is our artistic and talented UX/UI designer. We caught up…



Savannah is one of our many talented web developers at Three29, bringing her tactical skills from the California National Guard to every project she touches! We caught up with Savannah to learn more about her personal world, and how it influences the work she does with us and the…



Max is our Senior Project Manager who has been with the company for just over 4 years. He tends to keep the office on their toes with his wit and humor. Outside of the office-life, Max is a former Oregon Duck with a passion for football season and a…



Cera is one of our talented UX/UI Designers that brings her creative taste and style to every project she touches. She’s a Hawai’i native at heart, with a love for California and a deep passion for adventure. We caught up with Cera to learn where she finds her inspiration,…



Local businesses, listen up! First of all…Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are location-based? More importantly, over 50% of mobile searches are local or location-based and that number is still growing!? One of the first places users go looking for products and services online is Google.…



Jessica is the newest member of our Digital Marketing team. She’s bringing her passion for marketing and coming on board as a Digital Marketing Strategist. We couldn’t be more excited to have her creativity and expertise on our side! We caught up with Jessica to learn more about her…



Julia jumped on board with us recently and is the newest member of the Account Management team. With a background in project management and digital marketing, she’s the perfect match for us here at Three29. We caught up with Julia to get to know her a little more and…



Who doesn’t want (or need) free advertising? Going beyond the already free marketing tool that is your Instagram feed, have you ever thought about how Instagram stories can push your business even further? We’re here to tell you just how well Instagram Stories are working for brands and how…



You may know how many likes you’re receiving on each post, but do you know how many eyes are actually seeing that really impressive new product shot, versus the ones who actually like and engage with it? There are over 25+ million business Instagram profiles and over 200 million…