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Your brain has opinions. You intercept 500 billion stimuli every day. By virtue of bandwidth, you naturally ignore some of these stimuli, give priority to others, and your brain parses less than a tenth of a percent of those. Point being—we’re built to discern and to judge. But sometimes those judgements (e.g. the fact that you…



The sprint hit a snag, the scope isn’t clear on either side, and your project team: Is procrastinating Isn’t hitting goals or strategy Is afraid of the client or their own expectations To combat this, bring in super-human Brad Weaver (of NineLabs) to get us to that elusive “done” moment.   Tell me…



Tim Rytikov is a new developer here at Three29, offering programming skills and expertise to our pool of back-end and front-end geniuses! Tim earned his Web Design Degree from the Art Institute, where a lot of his additional programming training came from his own endeavors and self-teaching. He’s already built a handful of sites that…



Think about the process of buying your first house. You have (or had!) to learn about mortgages, insurance, real-estate law, home owner taxes, et cetera. Overhauling your digital presence, while not a 36-year commitment with the bank, is still a major undertaking. Some of the most common question I get…



You’ve seen the lists all over the web, and of course so have I. But to my surprise, nobody at Buzzfeed wrote an article about his or her favorite Three29 moments. (I’ll be keeping a look out in 2015, Buzzfeed) Read below to see our agency’s favorite moments, from…



At Three29, we not only love what we do, but we love where we work. We’re passionate about tearing down the perception that great tech only comes out of the Bay Area. As a firm that operates entirely in Sacramento with no out-sourcing, we’ve seen first hand what talent…



Tyler Longman is Three29’s new Digital Strategist, offering our clients long term Social and SEO optimization to keep them competitive in the massive digital marketplace. Tyler earned his Economics degree from California State University Sacramento with a minor in Marketing. He’s a self-proclaimed “data-driven marketer,” which comes from his…



Over the course of the last year, Josh has dazzled our staff and clients with his ability to code cleanly and bring life to the office. Josh has years of industry experience, ranging from freelance graphic design, to a degree from Sacramento State’s Design program. Because of this, he’s…



Blake and John, the founders of recently launched wimZr, came to us with big eyes and even bigger dreams. As realistic as the two of them are, they knew that wimZr could be something revolutionary. The idea was simple.  Going to Vegas for a bachelorette? Put your trip in…



Lisa comes to us from Sacramento State’s Design Program and is a phenomenal addition to our Three29 teamily (team + family).  By her seventh business day as part of the design team, she had already presented two new site designs and received “approved no edits” returns from clients. She’s…