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In the last few years, the word startup has been tossed around a lot. We’ve all heard the word before on TV, in classrooms, from coworkers, friends, and on the internet. What is a startup? When you google that word, there are many definitions for it: From a newly started business,…



In the world of User-Interface Design, trends come and go. The field of user-interface design is fast paced and elements that were popular just three months ago can be deemed out-dated by the time you notice five websites using it. But there has been an element that has stuck around FOREVER…



A logo is not just a picture. A logo embodies a company’s hopes, goals, ideas, and intentions. It’s a thousand words contained into a simple shape. The logo serves as the public image for a company and as a representation of the owners’ beliefs. It also projects the emotions…



Web design trends are constantly changing, and at a very rapid pace! I personally enjoy buying design books, but my college professor advised me not to buy web-design books. He said that web design books are never current because by the time the book is published, there are already…



Having only graduated from design school a year ago, I still consider myself a “design newbie” with much to learn from the “real world.” There are many big and small lessons that I am still figuring out about the business of design. One lesson I find to be very…