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Check out our updated 2018 UI/UX Design Inspiration post!   Introduction As a UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience) designer, there’s inspiration all around me. The fresh air provided when escaping the office for a good 30-60min helps tremendously with putting my projects into perspective, and also by listening to…



Sketch. Some of you may have never heard of it, some of you may know it like the back of your hand. This post is here to tell you what Sketch is all about, starting with what it actually is, and how it can be the new addition to…



Designing a website can be an easy task to many, but taking into account many different goals and aspirations a client has for their online presence is not easy. Creating a “pretty picture” as we say, that people care about for their business isn’t just throwing their brand’s color…



The release of the next heirs to the Apple device throne, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch (which is saved for another post) have churned debate over the last couple of weeks. Should I get the 6, the 6 Plus, the new Nexus X, or the Moto…



Howdy gang! I collected a top ten series of some of my favorite website designs right now. They were published within the last year, and are all super sweet. I provided a bit of commentary describing why I like or dislike it, and your comments are always welcome too!…



Photoshop. We all know it and we all love it. Some of us more than others; retouching to make yourself look sexier, or to make your website look sexier. With us, it’s the latter. Today, I want to talk about the latest update to the Creative Cloud Suite: Photoshop…



It’s been over two weeks since the iOS8 beta has been released and it’s not that different from iOS7, at least visually. However, there are a few software upgrades that improve the user experience exponentially. I promise I’m not just an Apple fanboy. I’ve used Android phones in the…



Fashion and web design are intentional and functional first, and aesthetically pleasing second (unlike art, which is unrestricted by parameters of usability and objective aesthetic pleasure). Clothing exists to keep our bodies warm, protect us from the elements, but also to provide others with an idea of what we’re…



Ensuring a future as a young designer can be difficult, definitely more so than choosing a font. Not to say that choosing the right font for a project is easy, but rather creating a blueprint for a successful career can rack the brain. We start with a dream, and…