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Deciding how to spend your marketing dollars online can be an overwhelming and confusing task. With so many options available, where should you spend your money? Not sure where to even start? Facebook advertising, please stand up.   We will dive into 7 reasons why you should be advertising…



Based on the 1989 film Back to the Future II, we’re supposed to be riding around on hover-boards, or flying around in cars at this point in our timeline of technology. That isn’t necessarily true (this hoax had us believing!), but technology as a whole is advancing quicker than most…



Google’s Android Operating System (OS) has come a long way since its launch in 2007. The Android OS is now run on 80% of cellphones in the mobile marketplace and with over 50 billion apps downloaded to date, the Google Play Store has become the heartbeat of Android. Taking…



“It’s not the job of search engine optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically reengineer the web site so that it becomes an eagle.” –Bruce Clay Since I began working in this rapidly evolving digital industry, I noticed that acronyms get…



We were excited to see what Google had in store at its conference this year. Held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the stage was set for Google to try and set the bar higher in this rapidly evolving era of technology. Now with over 1 billion active…