Business Card Swag.

Just like opening a gift on christmas morning!

We’re excited here at Three29 to announce the arrival of our brand new business cards. We’ve been working on an update for our brand image, look, and logo for some time now, and these business cards showcase our exciting new direction.


Our own Lisa Lam went in to great detail with the design of these cards. On one side we have nice, sharp use of white space with our eye catching logo dropped just north of the middle. Flip it over and you get a feel of the different blues we use throughout our brand. The diagonal line was added to give it an extra layer of depth and a sense of geometry.

To partner with our business cards, we crafted beautiful post cards. Sharing a similar design as the business cards, the postcards maintain the same sense and feeling.


The finished look is sharp, bold, and clean. The business cards and postcards offer a glimpse of our quality and professional work. Thanks to our friends at Moo for the excellent print quality of all the pieces.

Be on the lookout for more soon!

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