Mikuni Sushi WordPress Website

Project Overview

Integrate all Mikuni’s systems together to allow for a seamless guest experience across their website, mobile app, and online ordering platforms.

Mikuni Sushi approached Three29 with the vision to revolutionize their online presence. The goal was to create a digital ecosystem that integrated their website, mobile app, online ordering, and waitlist systems. They needed a single sign-on solution across all platforms for ease of management and an enhanced user experience. One of the primary challenges was to revitalize their brand, making it modern and approachable while moving away from traditional imagery to something brighter and more inviting.


The collaboration between Mikuni and three29 resulted in:

Enhanced User Interaction: The integration of a unified login system across the website, mobile app, and online ordering platforms led to an enhanced user experience, as evidenced by a surge in mobile app downloads and a significant reduction in customer service inquiries.

Brand Revitalization: The reimagined brand, with its modern and approachable design, departed from traditional imagery to a brighter and more inviting aesthetic, capturing the essence of Mikuni Sushi’s high-end dining experience.

Operational Efficiency: The new WordPress site and mobile app development streamlined online ordering and reservation processes, effectively reducing operational bottlenecks and fostering a smoother transition for both staff and patrons.

Project Scope

The engagement with Mikuni included:

The scope involved developing a WordPress website and mobile app that seamlessly integrated with Paytronix, Spot-On, and OLO Online Ordering. A key feature was enabling users to have a single set of login credentials across all platforms. The project also prioritized SEO friendliness, ADA compliance tools, and CCPA compliance to ensure the site met current web standards and regulations.

Strategic Execution

The project involved several key phases:

The strategic execution entailed custom-building WordPress plugins to synchronize information between Mikuni Sushi’s various systems. The rebranding was achieved through vibrant imagery and custom illustrations that highlighted Taro, moving away from traditional Japanese restaurant visuals. This reimagining of the brand was executed to align with the high-end image Mikuni Sushi aspired to present.

  • Strategic Planning Sessions: Conducted thorough initial discovery sessions to ensure the web development project was fully aligned with Mikuni’s strategic objectives and operational requirements.
  • Customized E-commerce Solution: Engineered a new WooCommerce storefront featuring sophisticated product filters, intuitive navigation, and a streamlined checkout experience for enhanced user engagement.
  • Adaptive Design Implementation: Adopted a flexible and responsive design framework to deliver a consistent and accessible shopping experience across a variety of devices, catering to the increasing prevalence of mobile shopping.
  • Extensive Quality Assurance: Executed comprehensive testing and quality assurance protocols to verify that the site’s functionality, speed, and security conformed to traffic stress tests.


Post-launch, Mikuni Sushi experienced an elevated brand perception, enhanced customer service capabilities, and a website that not only performed better but also complied with ADA and CCPA requirements. Client feedback highlighted Three29’s role as a pivotal partner in this transformation, meeting and exceeding expectations with a transparent and collaborative approach.