Catching Up with… Hailey Rabdau

Catching Up with… Hailey Rabdau

Hailing all the way from Salt Lake City, Hailey joins the Three29 team as our new Senior Designer!

With an impressive background in art and graphic design, we were eager to learn more about her personal life, interests, and what ultimately led her career to us.

3 Influences
  • Spend time outdoors. It clears my head for creative ideas to flow in and there’s so much to take inspiration from.
  • Printmaking. I think seeing the way things are made and being part of that process is exciting. I also love working with my hands. I think having really good fine motor skills is important. It makes you more detail-oriented.
  • Drawing. How much I draw ebbs and flows. Some weekends I’m drawing for 15 hours and then sometimes it’s 15 hours a month, but I really love it. I draw with a mechanical pencil, which I get a lot of shit for. Or I use a 24” pressure-sensitive tablet, which is pretty fun.
2 Fundamental Strengths
  • I really love people. I just want to talk and hear what people think and share ideas. It’s good for collaboration and it usually makes for really clear communication. 
  • Patience. There’s not a lot that gets under my skin, I’m willing to put in the work and I want to make sure the job gets done right.
9 Things You Love
  1. My dog Dot
  2. Ridiculous slack profile pics
  3. Cryptography
  4. Baking fancy little cakes
  5. Making funny animations
  6. Weird documentaries
  7. Reading poetry
  8. Gambling
  9. Texting
Hailey’s Personal Spotify Playlist
Go-To Resource for Industry News

I still reference the UENO blog even though they aren’t an agency anymore. It’s really well written, I love the voice. It’s got great advice.

Awwwards, Adweek, Broken Pencil are my top sources right now. Awwwards always has interesting ideas. Adweek keeps me up to date on marketing trends and industry standards. Broken Pencil is my source for lofi, alternative, fine artsy media.

Must-Have Apps

Pinterest – I actually kill a lot of time just looking at things other people have designed.

Reddit – Good for news or a laugh without the disingenuous, commercial feel of Instagram or LinkedIn.

Instagram and LinkedIn – Because you have to and they’re great for staying up to date.

The Guardian – my go-to news source and the UI is great.

Hailey’s WFH Set-Up
  • Coffee and water, too.
  • Space heater, because if it’s not 90 I’m not comfortable.
  • Plus, Dot. Who is by me/on me at all times.

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