Catching Up with… Josh Loyst

Catching Up with… Josh Loyst

Josh has been with Three29 for almost 6 years, and is not only known around the office for his quick wit, but for being one of the best front-end developers we’ve ever known!

We caught up with Josh to learn more about his interests in and outside of the workplace and what makes him a great dev.

Josh Loyst
3 Influences

Spending time with my kids – Helps with keeping you on your toes and ready for whatever challenges come my way.

Building Models – I enjoy breaking things down and putting them back together with as much precision as possible.

Exercising – With how much sitting we do it’s always refreshing to get out and reset by getting the blood flowing. Helps with focus and tackling problems.

2 Fundamental Strengths

Determined – I really enjoy figuring things out, especially when a straightforward solution is not possible and requires creativity. I also take pride in clean code and enhancing user experience throughout the WordPress CMS.
Creative – Having knowledge and love for art, animation and graphic design really help with creating the front-end pieces and overall experience of a website.

9 Things Josh Loves

  1. My Wife & Kids
  2. Cats (dogs are cool too)
  3. Games/Puzzles
  4. Cooking
  5. Japanese Culture
  6. Fine Detail
  7. Sports
  8. Listening to Music/Playing Piano
  9. Movies
Josh’s Personal Spotify Playlist

This one is tough as I love a lot of music and it goes through phases depending on the mood, but this one I’ve gone back to many times for working music.

Josh’s Go-To Resources for Industry News

CSS-Tricks and Smashing Magazine are my two biggest resources for industry news. Boundless knowledge and practical use, as well as industry standards, come from both of these sites!

HTML & CSS book, Javascript & JQuery book
Must-Have Apps

Browsers – For testing and pretty much anytime I have a question, recipe, or need to learn how to do something.

Maps – Because who remembers MapQuest?!

Lyft – For the occasional needed ride.

Starbucks – Building points to get more value, yes please!

Camera – For capturing fun, cool and silly moments.

Messenger Text – To stay in touch with everyone.

Josh Loyst WFH set up
WFH Set-Up

LG Ultrawide Monitor

My headphones

Laptop, keyboard, mouse

Snacks, and most of the time a Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew.

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