Catching Up with… Justin Welenofsky

Catching Up with… Justin Welenofsky

Justin is our Lead Web Developer at Three29 with an impressive range of programming languages, and the ability to get to the root of any issue that comes our way.

He is the go-to guy for any complex security issues, and one of the many talented devs we have for custom web and app builds. We caught up with Justin to learn more about what drives his work ethic and passion for web development outside of the workplace.

Justin and disc golf
3 Influences

Spending time with friends and family – Make me a better person. It’s healthy to spend time with them.

Disc Golf – Fun activity to do. I have met a lot of friendly people through disc golf. Good exercise.

Reading – I like to read programming books to try to stay up to date along with reading via various websites like for cool/interesting projects. I love reading source code to see how things are done on Github. Purchasing humble bundles or directly from book publishers like and which are my current favorite publishers.

2 Fundamental Strengths

Problem Solving – I am good at identifying solutions to problems by isolating the environment details to try to pinpoint where the problem hot spots are. Generally good when applied to anything from programming or problems outside of work/programming.

Programming – I have a wide breadth of experience in things from building computers, using cloud-based services, many operating systems, and Linux distributions. I also have experience with a lot of programming languages. Compiled and interpreted.

9 Things Justin Loves

  1. Music, but who doesn’t I guess. It’s definitely a staple for programming and getting in the zone.
  2. Water. I love to stay hydrated.
  3. Coffee.
  4. Family & Friends
  5. Fur Family (I have a cat named Bash)  
  6. Disc Golf. A coworker in the past showed me this game and I have had a blast playing it with many other friends and coworkers since. My go-to outdoor activity.
  7. Programming and computers, even though I do it at work I have always had a passion for it.
  8. TV/Streaming. I love to watch movies and series shows to relax at end of the day.
  9. Learning in all forms. It’s always cool to learn something new.
Justin's cat, Bash
Justin’s Personal Apple Playlist
Justin’s Go-To Resources for Industry News – It seems to have replaced, for the most part, what forums of the early 2000s were for. Which is niche communities. I am subscribed to a bunch of different programming languages communities and software communities and it’s always cool to help people out with a programming problem or see what someone built and wants to share with the community.

Hacker News – I like this site because it is tech-focused news articles. It’s a place where I can find big news stories on stuff in the tech community.

Justin’s Must-Have Apps

OTP Auth is an iPhone app that allows me to save TOTP (two-factor) codes into it and makes it easy to sync up to the cloud. At the time when I first installed it, Google Authenticator did not allow me to sync the codes to the cloud and if I lost my phone without a full backup I wasn’t sure how to restore the codes. This way I have the ease of mind knowing that it’s in the cloud/encrypted.

Strongbox/Keepass is great to store passwords in. Then you can use a cloud service of your choice to sync them amongst your systems. I never reuse passwords so it’s great to use an app to store them all in/encrypt them.

PHPStorm is an editor I use that makes my life easier. I like how good it is at IntelliSense related to PHP and how all the major plugins I need are installed typically out the box.

Justin’s WFH Set-Up

Water, you have to stay hydrated.

Coffee in the morning.

An iPad and an iPhone in case I need to test something on a tablet or phone device. The phone mostly sits on a charger that I keep at my desk to make sure that neither of the devices die. If they do I can plug it in.

My MX Blue Mechanical keyboard. Which I’m sure is not fun for anyone on the other end of a virtual meeting but is great to type on.

Headphones for when I want to listen to some music or listen to people on the other end of a virtual call.

Two monitors. You must always have 2+ monitors for the most efficiency.

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