Catching Up with… Laurie Moses

Catching Up with… Laurie Moses

Laurie is our HR and Office Manager at Three29. She keeps all our ducks in a row for us and we love her for it!

We caught up with Laurie to hear about her passions in life outside of the workplace and learn how she applies them to her role at Three29.

3 Influences

Volunteering – I volunteer with different communities (Veterans, Homeless, Marching Band, Church)

Serving the Community – I love being on different committees for the City of Citrus Heights and Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce

Continuing to Learn – I attend different workshops in my area for personal, spiritual, and professional growth.

2 Fundamental Strengths

My Focus on Personal Growth

My Problem Solving Skills

9 Things Laurie Loves


Family and Friends


Working on and renovating the house




My pets


Laurie’s Personal Spotify Playlist
Go-To Resource for Industry News

Facebook – HR Groups, I like the community. Being able to ask and answer questions. It’s also great to get different views on certain issues.


Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce

Must-Have Apps

Pinterest – For all sorts of different ideas from cooking, to crafting, to how to plan a wedding in 60 days during a pandemic.

My Google Calendar – I live by it!

Etsy – Help support smaller businesses!

WFH Set Up





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