Catching Up with… Lee Vance

Catching Up with… Lee Vance

Joining our team via remote from Portland, Oregon is Lee Vance! Lee’s entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity led her to a passion for digital marketing, and now she’s joining Three29’s Digital Marketing team as our Account Coordinator.

We’ve been spending some time this week catching up with Lee to learn about how her career has led her from being a restaurant owner and chef, to small business owner, and now down the digital marketing path.

3 Influences

  • I am a jewelry maker. I have two different brands, both of which I use to get experience/experiment with different aspects of digital marketing. Creating pieces has been a much-needed creative outlet as well. 
  • I love to hike and forage for wild foods. Spending time outdoors always clears my head and gets ideas moving. Adding a hunt for hard-to-find but delicious treasures makes it all the more rewarding. It takes a keen eye for detail and determination to come home with a basket full of chanterelles/berries/wild lettuces.
  • Yoga, It’s a great way to reset and get ‘un-stuck.’ In moments where it feels hard to get some space from a ‘problem’ yoga has really helped. Having spent more than half my life practicing yoga has helped me create some space in my emotions and reactions so I can take a step back and stay in a better mindset for problem-solving.
2 Fundamental Strengths

  • I’m creative but I also love a good deep dive into numbers and analysis.
  • I’m insatiably curious about people and most things which makes it easy to talk to anyone about anything, it’s either a gift or a curse depending on the circumstance.
9 Things Lee Loves

  1. Good communication
  2. Integrity
  3. Connection
  4. Humor
  5. Nature 
  6. Travel 
  7. A good book
  8. A good cup of coffee
  9. Pretty rocks
Lee’s Spotify Playlist

Lee’s Go-To Resources for Industry News

  • Search Engine Journal: They post short, to the point blogs that help me stay up to date on all things digital marketing, it’s a good place to go for a primer on what I might want to do a deep dive on.
  • Social Media Today: Offers great up-to-date news on social media. 
  • Yoast:  For SEO-focused updates.
  • Moz: For education and updates
  • Hubspot Blog: For learning new things
  • Stacked Marketer: a daily newsletter that gives short headlines of digital marketing news and trends, a good breadcrumb for updates and things to look into.
Lee’s Must-Have Apps

The Notes App – It’s simple to create in and I can use it for ideas or to-do lists, I use it for everything. It’s not fussy and I like that.

Photoshop Lightroom – It’s a great free photo editing app where you can create presets and do more advanced edits on your photos.

TikTok – It’s a seemingly endless source of information, entertainment, and keeps me up to date on social media trends.

Lee’s WFH Set Up

  • Green tea
  • A few plants
  • Burts Bees chapstick
  • A highlighter
  • (ok also floss and a nail file but those are kind of gross)
  • and… one pen. Just one. Until it runs out. Which is the most gratifying feeling in the world, to use up an entire pen from start to finish without losing it.

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