Catching Up with… Mat Held

Mat is the man behind the memes, motion graphics, and many web designs. You might also know him as the creator of the viral #pizzacat 🍕😸 character, which he models after his own two cats.

But beyond that, Mat is our artistic and talented UX/UI designer. We caught up with Mat to learn a little more about him and what drives his creativity.

3 Influences

Making art – I was never big into going out and partying, I always stayed home and made things. It’s always a goal to work on something every single day whether it’s a drawing, painting, sculpting, making websites or apps for fun. I try to do it everyday and feel like I have failed if I don’t.

Exercise – I like riding bikes and I have a little boxing gym in my garage. Exercising helps me focus during the day and be able to sit for long periods of time at a desk. Before the lockdown I would go to a boxing exercise circuit around 6 days a week.

Pizzacat – I make shirts and products with cat themes. My website is and I make cat memes for my viral character – which anyone can follow @the_pizzacat. My wife and I have several instagrams for cat and pug related things, including @catnamedpizza, @the_catnamedcheeto, @chonksdoingthings, and @pugmob. This helps me stay in tuned with what’s going on, what people respond to and constantly making art and designs helps with practice.

2 Strengths

I love learning – Constantly finding new things and practicing old ones. It’s my favorite thing. I want to be good at everything I do. I become addicted to practicing and trying to get better.

I love to make things – I make things on my days off and I make things on my time off. I draw, sculpt, paint, design, and animate for fun. I would do all of these things even if it wasn’t my job. I love it. Sometimes I forget to eat or move all day because I am so into what I am making.

9 Things Mat Loves

  1. My Wife – Jacquelyn
  2. My mom
  3. Pizza and Cheeto
  4. My friend Matt
  5. Making art
  6. My computer
  7. Wacom tablet
  8. Animals
  9. Music
Mat’s Personal Spotify Playlist

Go-To Resources for Industry News

Youtube – you can learn anything from a stranger nice enough to explain it on youtube, for free! It is amazing.

Skillshare – a great website where you can take online courses.

Instagram – I mostly spend time on @the_pizzacat interacting with fans but when browsing, I’m on my art instagram @unclegrumpyinc which is where I follow art, animation and design accounts.

Behance and Dribbble – Art and design showcase websites.

Must-Have Apps

Instagram  Everyone loves instagram.

Youtube – the best.

Pizzacatapp – I used to program apps and this is my longest standing app. I use it to make all of the Pizzacat memes.

WFH Set-Up

  • Water
  • Computer
  • Wacom
  • Cats
  • Phone for podcasts and music