Catching Up with… Ronnie Stamps

Catching Up with… Ronnie Stamps

Ronnie recently joined our team as one of our newest Front-End Developers. Before deciding to focus his career solely on web development, Ronnie’s work-life blended his talent for engineering and design with his love for cars.

We caught up with Ronnie to learn more about his passions and interests that have led him throughout his career, and ultimately to work with us!

3 Influences

Gardening – Helps me slow down and focus on the details while keeping the big picture in mind. It helps me see the forest for the trees.

BMX (bike racing) – Keeps me socially, mentally, and physically healthy.

Parenting – Maintains my ability to multi-task, grants me patience, and literally gives meaning to everything I do.

2 Fundamental Strengths

Analytical/Methodical – This gives me superhero-like troubleshooting abilities. But can also be my downfall when it comes to starting a project.

Creative/Inventive – I can design and build things in my head before any actual work begins.

I feel these are the benefits of my ADHD.

Ronnie's tattoo
9 Things That Ronnie Loves

  1. My children. And I DO have my favorites 😊
  2. Family.
  3. Music.
  4. My home.
  5. Watching others succeed at their passion.
  6. Volunteering.
  7. Cooking.
  8. Tools.
  9. My glasses – I’m damn near blind without them!
Ronnie painting
Ronnie’s Music Preference

I listen to every single genre. I use music to either change or maintain the mood I am in.

Creative: Trip Hop, Dubstep, Trap, HipHop, Turntablism, House, Jazz, Acid Jazz, Bluegrass, Industrial

Cerebral/Focused: HipHop, Classical, Deep House, Jazz, Acid Jazz

Motivational: HipHop, Country, Classic Rock, Rock, Metal

Emotional: R&B, Classical, Country

Ronnie’s Go-To Resources for Industry News

Tech is so vast that even the specific discipline we are in is vastly vast, so I don’t frequent any specific source or platform. Having said that, I tend to look at how the market responds to technologies to get an idea of what is going to or has become a mainstay.

If Biotech (or IOT, Social Media, Entertainment, etc.) stocks are up in general then that tends to signify a trend that typically signifies market demand. I also pay attention to acquisitions. Facebook didn’t buy Instagram for $1 BILLION dollars on a whim.

Ronnie’s Must-Have Apps


Mint – Because Intuit strongarmed me into using it. It is a good financial app, though.

Planta – Great for beginner gardeners, those with tons of plants, and ESPECIALLY for households with multiple gardeners taking care of everything together.

Pandora – For discovering unknown and/or obscure artists.


Adobe Creative Suite – Specifically Illustrator, Photoshop, and XD but everything else is still pretty amazing.

Everything else comes and goes.

WFH Set Up

Pen and paper – It’s faster than any app and literally NEVER CRASHES!

Water – It’s the juice of life.

My phone – Like, really?? Who doesn’t have their phone damn near surgically attached to themselves?

My desk – Working criss-cross applesauce is NOT the business.


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