Catching Up with… Savannah Musladin

Catching Up with… Savannah Musladin

Savannah is one of our many talented web developers at Three29, bringing her tactical skills from the California National Guard to every project she touches!

We caught up with Savannah to learn more about her personal world, and how it influences the work she does with us and the Army.

3 Influences

California Army National Guard The Army has been a valuable experience in my life that I’m grateful for. I’ve learned so much and have had the opportunity to travel, meet people from different walks of life, and grow as a person. Being in the military has also prepared me better for my civilian job. It’s important to be adaptable, resilient, and to think outside the box in the military. I’ve learned these are important traits for a developer to have too.

Exercise Exercise is super beneficial to everyone for a multitude of reasons. It’s more about maintaining health and happiness than anything else for me. Doing things like yoga, running, and calisthenics allows me to feel good, release stress, and come to work as the best version of myself.

Video games, Watching anime, Reading & Writing – These influence me in many facets of my life. I have always been an imaginative person so was naturally drawn to these activities as a kid, and my personality has been largely influenced by the games, shows, and books that I grew up on. In fact, I originally became interested in coding as a kid because of a video game.

2 Strengths

Creativity – I see programming as art because it’s a form of creative expression. There are usually tons of different ways to solve a problem. Even if you have the same solution, you may write the code differently than someone else. I’ve always loved to write, draw, sing, etc., and I believe that penchant for creative expression is helping me in my role today.

Curiosity – I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and tend to be curious when I’m wrong rather than stubborn (well, sometimes). I love asking questions and talking to people about things they know more about than I do. I think that’s something that helps me today, because there are always new mistakes to be made and new things to learn as a developer.

9 Things Savannah Loves

  1. Spending time with my family.
  2. My boyfriend and best friend, Hunter.
  3. Hanging out and joking with my friends.
  4. My two pet rats, Drake and Alex.
  5. Having fun.
  6. Finding humor in life.
  7. Good food & wine.
  8. The arts.
  9. Continuous self-improvement.
Savannah’s Personal Spotify Playlist

Go-To Resources for Industry News

StackOverflow – If I ever am in need of a coding-related answer, I usually find myself here.

YouTube – Lots of (free) knowledge.

Must-Have Apps

Spotify – Music is life.

Peak – When I want to get a brain workout in.

Zombies, Run! – Running is so much more fun when it’s from zombies.

WFH Set-Up

I don’t need to keep much near me except my laptop. I usually have these apps open at all times, though:

  • Google Chrome – Staying connected to coworkers through Gmail and Slack, as well as Googling things.
  • Terminal – For things like connecting to the work VPN and development server.
  • Visual Studio Code – My preferred editor for coding.
  • Notepad – For anything I might need to take note of.

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