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How to address common logo file mistakes and build a logo that is easy to use, transparent, and unable to be edited. I run into this all the time. A logo with a white shape used to mask another color. A font that’s missing. An unmanageable, complex grouping system.…



Amanda is a single mom of four, clad with dozens of hours of tattooing. She is the founder of Rebel Gypsy and she exudes confidence. She’s bold and she encourages others to be the same. The visual identity system for Rebel Gypsy, formerly known as Frisky Gypsy, is dynamic…



We know that Photoshop can be a bit daunting when you’re getting started, and sometimes the supposedly “helpful” video tutorials move through the steps too quickly. That’s why we decided to give you both options! This blog explains our video with step-by-step written directions. Since there are many ways…