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Local businesses, listen up! First of all…Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are location-based? More importantly, over 50% of mobile searches are local or location-based and that number is still growing!? One of the first places users go looking for products and services online is Google.…



Who doesn’t want (or need) free advertising? Going beyond the already free marketing tool that is your Instagram feed, have you ever thought about how Instagram stories can push your business even further? We’re here to tell you just how well Instagram Stories are working for brands and how…



You may know how many likes you’re receiving on each post, but do you know how many eyes are actually seeing that really impressive new product shot, versus the ones who actually like and engage with it? There are over 25+ million business Instagram profiles and over 200 million…



The Coronavirus shutdown is like nothing we’ve experienced in our lifetime, and it has been devastating to the wine business. The shutdown has been especially hard on smaller wineries. Seventy-eight percent (78%) of an average winery’s revenue comes from the tasting room and wine-club sales (Silicon Valley Bank).  According…



Marketing Strategies to Keep Your Eye On Technology affects marketing strategies now more than ever. Social media, advertising, search engine optimization; it’s likely changing because of an advancement or new tool.  With that in mind these are the digital marketing trends we’re focused on in 2019. It’s that time…



Quick and Dirty Email Marketing Tips Many email marketing campaigns simply follow the “something is better than nothing” approach. The fact is, something is not always better than nothing. There are a lot of email marketing tips and tricks when it comes to building a campaign. We’ve shared some…



Website Metrics That Matter Tracking website traffic is something that every business needs to be doing. There’s too much information available not to measure the actions users take on a site. Google’s tracking tool has emerged as the industry standard for web metrics, so we often are asked what are the best…



Effective Destination and Tourism Marketing Strategies When it comes to establishing a tourism marketing strategy for a destination, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Outside of promotions and campaigns, there is a larger conversation to be had about the overall branding and awareness of the location.…



Social Media Marketing Tips The world of social media can be a bit overwhelming. There’s a lot going on with each platform and it can be tough deciding what to focus your efforts on. Whether you are just getting your social media presence started or you have been working on…