Employee Spotlight: Josh Loyst

Over the course of the last year, Josh has dazzled our staff and clients with his ability to code cleanly and bring life to the office.

Josh has years of industry experience, ranging from freelance graphic design, to a degree from Sacramento State’s Design program. Because of this, he’s just as cognizant of the front-end as the client’s experience in the back-end, making him a rare gem in the programming world.

Josh is known around the office for his clean code, focus, and always-current humor (the background on his desktop is Long Cat).

I interviewed Josh and put him on the spot to name a Spirit animal for each employee. Here’s what he came up with:

Kevin: Umm let’s see…Kevin. I feel like you should give us these questions beforehand; anything I say can and will be held against me in the court of office! (Laughs). I was gunna say a tiger because he can be fierce but also gentle. Although I haven’t experienced his fierce side yet, he’s very friendly… Just don’t take his food. Just kidding!

Eduard: Eduard?! (Laughs). Let’s see, what’s a really smart but fun animal? Like you wouldn’t expect it to be so intelligent because he’s so silly and humorous all the time. He’s kinda like a rat, where he’s very intelligent and he can get the cheese no matter what the maze is and everything. So a rat. But a very nice rat, he’s a very good looking rat.

Kara: You’re like a dolphin, swimming effortlessly through all tasks and clients and everything, but you’re really happy and majestic too.

Sean: Oh God! Hyena. Yeah! He’s constantly laughing and telling jokes, and he’s really consistent with his humor. I can’t lump work into that though, because his designs are always new.

Lisa: I’ve been wanting to use this on someone for a while. I’d say she’s a sloth. She’s very entertaining, fun to watch, quiet but methodical.  Just not as furry!

Vasile: What’s an animal that doesn’t appear crazy on the surface but once you get to know them, they’re very interesting and complex? Haha, hmm. Hold on I got this! (Laughs). He’s like an intricate spider, who weaves an incredible web, if you will. He’s very focused, very driven, and he does whatever it takes to get his work done.

Josh, we think you’re a fox. Intelligent and swift (read: on-budget and done correctly!), but also cool, hip, and awesome.

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