Optimize Your Online Store For More Sales

Creating conversions on your e-commerce website is difficult because there are so many elements that influence a site’s conversion rate. Plus, you may have limited resources or technical hurdles.

We recently audited dozens of Fortune 500 companies with Meta to find the root of their conversion issues. This is what we found.

The Numbers on E-Commerce Site Success


of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive according to Adobe.


of online shoppers who were dissatisfied with websites are less likely to buy from the same site according to a study by Kissmetrics.


possible increase in bounce rate when page load time increases from 1 to 5 seconds according to Google.


seconds is how long before users form an opinion about your website. According to the Nielson Norman Group, first impressions matter.

These Are Some Of The Most Common Issues We Found

Inconvenient Account Creation

People don’t want to make an account, they want to buy.


Put account creation at the end of the process and make it optional

Lack of Payment Options

Many customers have a preferred form of payment or don’t use the options you offer.


Use a plugin to help you offer many options for payment to get the sale quickly.

Opaque Shipping Fees

Many customers abandon cart at the shipping page because of unexpected costs.


Clearly communicate shipping costs upfront before users reach the checkout page.

No User Reviews or Testimonials

In a flooded market, consumers look to each other for authentic guidance.


Use plugins to centralize your review database. Products with reviews convert 270% more.

Poor or Unclear Site Navigation

Customers are more likely to drop off when they can’t find what they need.


Use a standard UI & intuitive design to help users find what they need

Complex Checkout

Every screen between “add to cart” & the purchase page increases the odds of losing your customer.


Use payment processors that are optimized and like Woo-Commerce & Shopify.

Lack of Mobile Optimization

76% of users report that they rely on their phones to shop.


Build an e-commerce site that is mobile-first and responsive.

Vague Product Information

When customers can’t find information about a product, they find another option.


Use detailed descriptions, quality images, & size charts that preemptively answer users’ questions.

Slow Loading Speeds

There is a direct link between site speed and conversion rates. Slow sites have high bounce rates.


Use a qualified developer to solve your page speed issues.

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