In 2023, there is no such thing as organic social media for wineries

With the evolving content expectations and diminishing organic reach on Meta, connecting with your audience through social media has grown challenging.

We can guide you in optimizing your paid ad strategy, enhancing your advertising impact.

We’ve helped these brands use research and strategy as their north star to define who they’re talking to, what they’re posting, and where.

Use Paid Ads when you want to:

Drive Brand Awareness

New in the industry? Introduce your target demographics to your value proposition authentically using paid ads.

Lack of Payment Options

Many customers have a preferred form of payment or don’t have access to others.

Hidden or Confusing Shipping Costs

Many customers abandon cart at shipping because of unexpected costs.

Generate Leads

Increase reach and boost posts that speak to your customers with a direct CTA.


Advertising dollars are especially effective when tied to an event, occasion, or limited edition product.

Gain Influencer Partners

Build influencer-specific campaigns to find individuals that align with your brand.

The top three Social Media platforms we recommend for wineries


41% of users are over 45

Key Features for Advertisers:

Facebook Groups
Text-only posts have high ROAS.
Excellent for audience insights.


41% of users are over 45

Key Features for Advertisers:

Reels, Instagram Shop, Story Highlights, Instagram Live


70% of users over 40

Key Features for Advertisers:

8/10 moms are on the platform, Carousels, SEO optimization

Not Recommended: At this time, we do not recommend Twitter for winery advertisers. Snapchat has had the most challenges with age-gating although they continue to work on improvement. Lastly, alcohol brands are currently restricted from Tiktok because of their young demographic.

Three Steps to Social Media Success

Define Goals

Start by defining clear goals for your social media efforts. Identify what you want to achieve, such as increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, boosting sales, or enhancing customer engagement. Additionally, understand your target audience—wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, or casual wine drinkers—and tailor your content accordingly.

Choose Your Platform

Choose the social media platforms that align best with your winery’s target audience and goals. Instagram and Facebook are popular platforms for wineries, as they allow visual storytelling and engagement.

Develop An Engaging Content Strategy

Develop a content strategy that combines educational, entertaining, and promotional content. Share information about different wine varieties, vineyard tours, winemaking processes, food and wine pairings, and industry news. Use visually appealing images and videos to showcase your winery, vineyards, and wine production. Incorporate user-generated content and stories from customers to foster engagement.

To build brand fans online, especially in the wine industry, offering value upfront before aiming for sales fosters trust.

Let us align your social media strategy with your business goals