Christmas tree and ornament
December 17, 2020
Sacramento Small Businesses need our support this Christmas
Shop Local, Shop Small It’s that special time of year, and yet, there are a few reasons that make this...
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Passion Led Us Here
November 19, 2020
Three29 Celebrates New 5-Star Review on Clutch!
Increasing your brand’s visibility and making it stand out has always been a welcome challenge in this modern age. There’s...
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November 13, 2020
Catching Up with… Joe Morris
Joe is another one of our amazing Project Managers, who oversees our production team's workload, communicates daily with clients, and...
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November 9, 2020
Using NVM for a better Javascript development experience
Have you ever came back to a project only to find a cryptic error awaiting your return? You may think,...
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October 30, 2020
Catching Up with… Vasile Stefirta
Vasile is a Senior Full-Stack Developer and currently the longest tenured employee at Three29 (besides Kevin himself)! We caught up...
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October 16, 2020
Catching Up with… Mat Held
Mat is the man behind the memes, motion graphics, and many web designs. You might also know him as the...
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October 14, 2020
2 Ways Mask with Text in Photoshop – From Beginner to Advanced Levels
We know that Photoshop can be a bit daunting when you're getting started, and sometimes the supposedly "helpful" video tutorials...
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September 18, 2020
Catching Up with… Savannah Musladin
Savannah is one of our many talented web developers at Three29, bringing her tactical skills from the California National Guard...
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Oregon Ducks Football
September 4, 2020
Catching Up with… Max Richter
Max is our Senior Project Manager who has been with the company for just over 4 years. He tends to...
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August 21, 2020
The Three-2-9 On… Cera Rios
Cera is one of our talented UX/UI Designers that brings her creative taste and style to every project she touches....
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