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Is your Google Ads campaign costing you more while generating fewer sales? Don’t fall behind the competition with a “set it and forget it” approach. At Three29, we specialize in cutting wasted ad spend and maximizing your ROI. Our proven track record in developing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns ensures you get the sales and customers you deserve. Take control of your advertising budget and unlock exceptional results by partnering with our expert team. Let’s discuss how our tailored Google Ads management strategies can supercharge your business today.

We Maximize Returns and Uncover Hidden Budget Waste in Your Google Ads Campaigns.

We specialize in eliminating wasted ad spend and driving profitable results. We understand the frustration of not knowing where your advertising budget is going. With our optimized strategies, you’ll gain full transparency into your ad campaigns, unlocking their hidden potential for increased leads and sales. Say goodbye to wasted budget and hello to maximum returns. Partner with us today to optimize your Google Ads and achieve outstanding results.

Stand Among Successful Businesses with Three29’s Expertise

We’ll Help You Stop Wasting Money on Underperforming PPC Campaigns

Reduced Ad Spend

Increased Sales & Leads

Improved Ad Quality Score

Improved ROAS

When we perform an initial review of a client’s PPC campaigns, our first goal is to identify and reduce wasted spend. Whether a campaign’s keyword focus is far too broad, sagging ad quality scores are driving cost-per-click rates up, or a campaign needs to be paused and entirely overhauled—we have never reviewed a new client’s campaign and not found an opportunity to start saving money on day 1.

Keyword Research & Analysis

If you ask a Google Ads rep, they’ll say, “The more keywords, the better. And you should definitely use broad match too.” But the opposite is true. Most searches about your products or services are not sales opportunities, and targeting those searches is a waste of your ad dollars. We identify and target only those search keywords with a high likelihood of returning leads and sales.

Ad & Landing Page Copy

Clear, concise, interest-inspiring copy is critical to the success of an ad campaign–both in the ads themselves, and on the landing pages to which they link. We’ll work with you to develop compelling ad copy that gets users to click on your ads, and landing page copy that captures the interest of those users and turns them into customers. You’ll see reduced ad costs, better CTRs, and more conversions!

Campaign Revision & Optimization

We’re not a “set it and forget it” agency. Successful ad campaigns have to be reviewed and analyzed every day to achieve the best possible results—and that’s what we do. We’re always looking for new opportunities to cut waste, increase performance, and get more juice for the same squeeze. We measure our success the same way you do: in the revenue you realize from your advertising budget.

Talk to Us About Your Google Ads Efforts and Find Out Where You’re Losing Money.

We’ll Give You a True Understanding of What PPC Campaigns are Driving Revenue and Should Be Invested In.

PPC management companies typically deliver reports along the line of, “Your clicks are way up, and conversions are looking good. Things are great as usual,” along with a PDF report full of top-level numbers, percentages, costs, and so on—but entirely lacking in actionable insight.

When we start looking under the hood of a PPC account, we usually find that because of insufficient targeting and siloing, the various campaigns are competing with and cannibalizing one another. For instance, in analyzing a campaign that’s meant to capture target general searches for a service (e.g. “carpet installation,” “plumber,” “car repair”), we sometimes find that most of the conversions are from searches for the client’s brand—in other words, searches by people who had already chosen the client as their service provider. This results in a campaign that looks successful, but is actually failing.

We make sure that your campaigns have well-defined focuses that don’t conflict with one another, so we can develop an understanding of what campaigns are successfully turning tire kickers into customers, so we can focus your marketing budget accordingly.

Tuel Berodin’s Ad Campaigns Averaged an ROI of $14 for Every Dollar Spent.

Three29 developed and launched new PPC campaigns for Tuel Berodin, a high-end line of products for estheticians. In a matter of months, we cut the cost per conversion by 45%, and achieved an overall ROI of 14 to 1, with some campaigns delivering as much as $31 for every dollar spent.

And we didn’t just elevate their sales—we elevated their brand visibility as well. We increased the clickthrough rate of their campaigns by more than 24x, meaning that recognition of the Tuel Berodin brand and interest in their products skyrocketed, while still driving the sales that more than justified their marketing budget.

Our Goal Isn’t Just to Deliver More Leads, But Better Leads.

Do you know which of your leads or sales are coming from Google Ads, and which are coming from elsewhere? If not, you’re not alone. Most businesses don’t have the means of properly attributing leads to their sources.

That’s where we come in. Depending on the detail of the lead and sales data you are collecting, we can either attribute those historical leads to their sources or implement the processes necessary to properly attribute your leads going forward.

This, in turn, will allow us to understand not just how many leads are coming from Google Ads, but the quality of those leads—whether those leads are actually turning into sales, and if so, what the real-world return is on your investment.

This is what will enable us to truly take your Google Ads marketing to the next level: moving beyond reporting raw numbers—with no understanding of how they impact your business—to having a true understanding of the revenue being generated by your advertising so that you can invest your money where you know it will generate the maximum return on your investment.

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