Maximize your paid social media dollars in an Ever-changing market

With social media platforms increasingly suppressing organic reach, paid advertising has become a necessary part of the recipe for social media success. To achieve social media success, investing both time and a segment of your advertising budget in paid social media is crucial.

It’s time to strategically allocate your resources and focus on platforms where your customers are most engaged, rather than spreading yourself thin across every social media platform. Discover how to get the most out of your social media advertising dollars and drive remarkable results for your business.

Maximize Your Social Media Advertising Success: Reach, Engage, and Grow

Position your brand for success by connecting with your target audience on social media. Our agency specializes in helping you reach the right people and maximize your paid social media ad ROI. With expert strategies and precise targeting, we develop, measure, and optimize ads tailored for the platforms where your customers are most active. Stand out from the competition and drive meaningful engagement that fuels your business growth. Trust us to deliver the right message to the right people through strategic social media campaigns.

Case Study: Tuel Berodin’s Social Media Advertising Drives More Engagement with No Increased Spend

Three29 developed and launched new social media advertising campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn for Tuel Berodin, a high-end line of products for estheticians.

Tuel Berodin saw immediate success from our ad efforts. Ad clicks increased by 30%, landing page traffic increased by 50%, and conversions by 60%, all with no increase in ad spend. We subsequently A/B tested a new landing page, which immediately reduced the average cost per conversion by 33%.

Our Platform Expertise

What can our established & experienced social media marketing team accomplish with a paid social media strategy?

Increased Leads & Sales

Reduced CPI, CPC, & CPA

Increased Website Traffic

Increased Brand Discovery

Bogle's website pages

“They have a great size and excellent capabilities. We work directly with Three29, so they get to know our brand. Moreover, we’ve never come to them with something that they can’t handle. They always know how to do it. All in all, they’re great people to work with, and we value our partnership.”

– Whitney Hartwell, Brand Manager, Bogle Family Vineyards

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