Improved User Journey Through Web Design

Client feedback on the difficulties of finding products, extensive searches for product resources, and inconvenience of excessive scrolling led our team to design this custom website to improve UI/UX and set Basalite as the experts in the industry.

Our team repositioned Basalite as the experts and leading resource in the concrete masonry products industry.

Turning Clutter into an Organized Library of Resources

Users complained about the difficulty of finding documents and tech sheets. To combat this, the navigation was simplified from 8 items to 4, with the Document Library call-to-action (CTA) designed to stand out under the resources nav item.

Product Search Made Convenient

Users were disappointed to find that at the end of their product search journey the desired product was not available in their location/area. To address this, a location selector was added into the main navigation so products outside a radius of their zip code will not appear.

Product Search Made Convenient

Many clients had difficult times locating the right product for their project. To combat the extensive and overwhelming display of content of the previous site, we display the 4 main product categories presented in the above fold of the home page so users can quickly get an idea of what Basalite offers. We also restructured the main navigation so “Products” comes first and is easily accessible.

Basalite Case Study Website Render

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