Buckhorn BBQ & Grill - Three29

The Buckhorn Tradition

Born out of the success of selling thousands of Tri-Tip sandwiches at a Chef’s Market on a Friday night in Napa, California, came the very first Buckhorn Grill. Our friends at Buckhorn came to us wanting a brand new website that would translate their updated brand, added ordering online features, with a comprehensive and simplified user experience.



The Brand

We knew early on that Buckhorn had an assortment of brand assets we could use throughout their site. Simplifying those assets like fonts, colors, and patterns was absolutely necessary in order to maintain consistency, simplicity, and not overwhelm the user.

Wish List

While executing a beautifully designed website is a desirable goal, we wanted to make sure the client had all their goals fulfilled. A few of them include:

  1. Increase online ordering
  2. Optimized for smaller devices
  3. Increase page and mobile views
  4. An easy user flow to the menu dependant on the concept: BBQ or Grill
  5. Highlight the Buckhorn tradition through brand assets and photography

Front and Center

We needed to focus our efforts on making online ordering a direct action for the user. Thus creating a prominent CTA, also known as a “call to action” button, paired with visuals supporting the CTA button, would successfully prompt the user to start an online order.

Additionally, we added a secondary CTA button in the main navigation using the Buckhorn Red as an eye-catching feature to capture the user’s attention once more.

BBQ or Grill?

Yes! There are different concepts Buckhorn has to offer, along with a slight difference in menu selections. Within one specific menu, there are over six separate categories where individual menu items could fall under. To solve the complexity of their menus, we broke it out into two simple steps:

1 We created a landing page where the user can visually see the two different concepts: BBQ and Grill

2 The top of the selected menu page, a tabbed menu was created to house every menu category with its menu items listed below.

Creating a tabbed menu at the top allows the user to stay on one screen, conveniently browse other menu categories, and change the desired location all in one place.


With a successful launch of Buckhorn’s new website, here are some awesome results we’ve measured since launch day: