Improved A Business Through App Design & Dev

A tool that provides detailed reports on move trends and keeps clients informed of move status in real time.

We designed a platform that blew Chipman and Amazon’s expectations.

Chipman Inventory View
Chipman Tablet Overview

UI/UX Mapping

The Three29 team immersed themselves in the Chipman processes to understand exactly how the tool needed to perform through the eyes of administration to boots-on-the-ground technicians.

Specified User Accounts

Moves of this scale involve members from Chipman’s many departments, third party vendors, and sometimes the client. To ensure each account has access to the correct set of information, we set custom permissions for 7 distinct profile types.

Offline mode

Moves don’t always take place in buildings with Wifi, so it was crucial for the tool to function in an offline environment. We built the tool to keep a local log of changes in real time, then sync with the move database via a push/pull integration as soon as a connection becomes available, ensuring that no data is overwritten or lost upon reconnection.

Chipman Software Tablet View

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