Cobram Estate Case Study

Three29 is a California-based digital agency helping B2C and DTC brands improve conversion and retention. Three29’s team leveraged multiple Klaviyo features, with a particular emphasis on scheduled emails and website popups, to drive record sales velocity of Cobram Estate’s unique blend of olive oil.


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Cobram Estate is a global olive oil producer with olive oil groves and production facilities in Australia and the United States. High-quality, single-origin extra virgin olive oil has not historically been easy to find in the US, and similar quality alternatives from overseas aren’t fresh by the time they arrive.

Most major brands of olive oil source olives from an ever-changing combination of orchards, and contract with any of a number of facilities to extract and process the oil. Consequently, the quality of Cobram’s competitors’ product experience can vary significantly.

At harvest time, all olives are brought to Cobram Estate’s centralized facility for extraction, processing, and storage, with the entire transport and extraction process taking less than 4 hours.

The Problem

Each year, Cobram Estate bottles its First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a limited edition made from the first press of the first harvest of the season’s first ripe olives. The resulting batch varies in flavor, color, and size – meaning each year requires a different marketing strategy.

First Harvest is a premium product priced at $70. Most US consumers regard EVOO as a commodity, where any two brands or products are largely interchangeable. First Harvest’s price point and quality require a consumer with the familiarity, palate, and acquired taste necessary to truly appreciate this most premium of premium EVOOs.

Cobram Estate only sells their First Harvest label through their online store. Historically they had relied on organic social media to raise awareness of the product, and had consistently been unsuccessful in selling out the label before their internally established deadlines, when the product was at its freshest and highest quality.

To continue to take this approach would be to ignore an unfortunate trend in social media – the organic reach of the brands is on the decline, as platform algorithms reduce the visibility of their organic content to spur them to instead of invest in advertising.

Leveraging a dwindling organic social media reach would not be nearly sufficient to drive sales of this product. Instead, an email campaign was developed and deployed to target their most loyal customers.

The Solution

We set up a pre-launch campaign across all channels to test audiences and monitor results. We found the most success through a campaign built and deployed in Klaviyo. With Klaviyo’s ability to embed pop-ups on the website, Cobram was able to add pop-ups which complemented email campaigns promoting the release of the First Harvest label. When users visited the site. These popups then directed traffic to the First Harvest product page.

While all website visitors saw the promotional popups, customers on Cobram Estates’ email list had the most seamless experience. When they entered the site via a promotional email, these qualified leads were led by the popups exactly where they wanted to go so they could make a purchase.

The Strategy

The strategy behind this success was simple. Cobram Estate used Klaviyo’s segmented email tools to send promotional campaigns to small, targeted groups of customers based on where they subscribed to the email list. Popups were then used to support these email campaigns, with calls to action mirroring those in the email campaigns, directing return subscribers exactly where they wanted to go.

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