Increasing CPA Through Creative Demographic Targeting

Our relationship with began with an audit. Insights included observations of their current marketing strategy, branding and UI/UX. Goals include raising a lower-than-average conversion rate, improving cost per acquisition and decreasing the abandonment rate for enrollment.

The Steps to Our Process

Establish Goals & Build Trust

Get Insights With Data

Strategize Approach

Analyze & Improve

Design, Build, Launch

We developed five landing pages & social ads for custom audiences based on demographics and browsing patterns.


Based on research provided by, we developed personas around a female living in an Asian country, aged 20-35, with a desire for a foreign partner as a status symbol. We used travel based graphics, strategic imagery and messaging centered around connection to draw this audience to enrollment.


Additionally, we developed landing pages and ads for male users, aged 40-55, seeking short-term relationships with several women. We used playful messaging, strategic photo collages, and even emojis to convey an easy-to-use, fun, engage platform to drive enrollment.


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