Health Education Council

Health Education Council was ready to grow.

Established in 1979 as the Hypertension Council, the Health Education Council is dedicated to providing access, education, advocacy, and training to empower individuals towards a healthier life. They operate more than 25 public health programs nationwide through a talented staff of diverse, and community-oriented individuals.


Working with their brand from the inside out.

HEC recently updated their brand so we had to be consistent when we brought it to the web. We lightened up their new site, focused on lighter, friendlier photos, and brought healthy living to the forefront.


A healthy new body for HEC.

The old HEC site had hundreds of pages, most of which had one or two sentences on them, and sourced templates that looked like radically different websites. Combining and eliminating unneeded pages created a much easier to follow web structure.


Detailing all their needs in wireframes.

HEC had a lot of different content types and layout needs. The wireframes outlined all of those pages in an easy to understand model. Pages were flexible, responsive and completely useful in the long and short term.


Design that fits the purpose.

Design isn’t just about pretty pictures, it’s about solving problems. For HEC that challenge was to demonstrate the agency’s incredible work, and facilitate the organization’s communication. The new site does just that, and inspires communities and leaders alike.

“Three29 has been a gem to work with; responsive, creative, and fun too. We are greatly appreciative of the new life they brought to our website.”

Brandy Jaggers

Office Manager, Health Education Council

Additional Completed Projects