A Streamlined, App-Based Platform for Shopping for Loans Anywhere, Anytime

Magilla was searching for a way to connect borrowers and lenders quickly, anonymously, and efficiently. Our team was up to the challenge to meet their needs.

Compile & submit private & sensitive information, in a streamlined & anonymous fashion.

A Streamlined, App-Based Platform for Shopping for Loans Anywhere, Anytime.

Magilla Full Rendered App
Magilla Menu Example

A Custom-Designed Information Workflow

We took a bird’s eye view of the borrower/lender relationship before creating a flow chart and fleshing out wireframes. In terms of user interaction, the app was intended to visually and intuitively go beyond the typical limitations of loan processes. This meant anonymizing the initial steps, thereby creating an initial protective buffer between the two parties. It meant deciding at what steps information would be available to enable the direct back-and-forth between parties. Finally, it meant creating a space for the creation of informed decisions of both sides of the loan process.

Classic Colors Meet Crisp Style

The color palette needed to signify regality and success. We wanted the user to feel comfortable while using a confident financial tool. We started with a slate-blue, with a tint of purple. This gave us a visual “low-end” to add gravitas to the overall aesthetic. We used tasteful and restrained bursts of color to give direction and action. The overall palate and typography is on par with the statuesque aspects of Classic American architecture, which connects with the ideology of achievement and aspiration.

Magilla Application Design
Magilla New Loans Screen Render
Magilla New Loan Accepted Screen

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