Mikuni Digital Strategy - Three29

Keeping the sushi bar full

Mikuni is one of the most well-known local restaurant brands in the Sacramento area. They make delicious Japanese cuisine, however they also do a fantastic job of connecting with customers. Whether it be through in-store promotions or charity events in the community, it is a priority for them to develop a relationship with visitors. Through a variety of digital marketing techniques, we have assisted them in fostering these relationships. Social media management, search engine optimization and digital advertising on Google’s Adwords platform were the focus of our efforts.

Social Media

In order to keep an engaged online community we managed their daily social media efforts on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. Daily content creation and follower engagement were the primary focus of our efforts. Regular messaging for in-store promotions, community events and contests made up a significant portion of shared content. Menu item photos and user shared photo made up the largest portion of content.

In addition to daily management and engagement, we reported monthly on the results of our social media efforts. Successful posts, engagement trends and ad performance were a few of the areas that we typically highlighted when reviewing performance.

  • Managed a growing Facebook community of 30,000+ fans
  • Grew Facebook page by 3,000 fans

  • Managed a growing community of 7,000+ followers on Twitter
  • Grew Twitter following by over 2,000 fans
  • Increased Average Organic Daily Facebook Reach by 1,000 followers
  • Managed ads that received engagements for as little as $0.05

Search Engine Optimization

Discovery of the Mikuni restaurant locations was the primary goal of our search engine optimization efforts. Even though social media platforms such as Yelp and Facebook play into how users search for restaurants today, we felt that it was important to still value the searchability of the brand on search engines. Due to the central locality of the Mikuni restaurants, non-branded keywords became our first focus. We optimized and create the  the content and descriptive text to include these terms.

Regular reporting and review of where specific location pages stand on search engine ranking results pages, but also how the site as a whole is performing was done monthly. We would compare current behavioral and acquisition statistic to annual data and similar periods. We felt that while search engine optimization was our focus, ultimately relevant traffic and engaged users are the goal.

  • Increased Organic Search Traffic by 20% since launching our SEO efforts.

  • Increased Rankings of 34 Targeted Keywords into Top 10 Positions Throughout the search engine optimization campaign.
  • Organic Search has made up over 60% of traffic acquisition since the beginning of our SEO campaign
  • About 68% of the traffic driven by Organic Search were New Users.

Google AdWords Advertising

Paid Media can be tricky when working on a search engine optimization project. While managing an SEO campaign in the early phases, investing a large budget in Google’s search ads to get an immediate increase in traffic can be tempting. However our strategy for Mikuni with AdWords campaigns was to promote events and support the page by bidding on targeted keyword search results that we were not ranking for.

Rather that using advertising as a crutch for traffic, our strategy was to focus on using it as an opportunity to capture new users. We also used it as a way to spread awareness about a short term promotions. Events, limited time sales, seasonal products, and job openings were often the subject of these ads. In addition to search ads we used display ads to remarket to visitors that had already visited the site and were within a reasonable distance to a Mikuni location.

  • In the last year we’ve captured over 10,000 clicks from a campaign targeting unbranded terms that the site did not rank for.
  • With a set monthly budget, clicks and Click through Rate (CTR) have consistently improved throughout the campaign
  • Maintained an above average Click Through Rate for the hospitality industry.

Ongoing work

Monthly reporting is shared with the Mikuni team at the end of each month. These reports are used to review the performance of each digital marketing focus (search engine optimization, social media, and advertising). Both annual and period comparisons are used to dictate the success of campaigns. From these reports we are able to put a plan together for future promotion.