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The Problem

Premier Homes is a Northern California home builder headquartered in the Sacramento area which prides itself on building forward-thinking communities of innovatively designed homes which appeal to first-time buyers, multigenerational families, and members of many other demographics.

However, with an unstable economy flying into the headwinds of the pandemic, it became increasingly difficult for Premier Homes to reach the right audience for some of their higher price point projects.

Historically, Premier Homes relied heavily on branded Google Search campaigns targeting the local area around a new community to drive interest from potential buyers. Outside of digital advertising, typical real estate tactics were also employed, such as flyers and signage.

In the new buyer market, previously successful marketing strategies were no longer getting truly qualified buyers into their sales offices. To attract these buyers, digital ads would need to first introduce them to the brand, and then sell them on the available home industry.

The Solution

Step one was to identify who these high price point buyers were. Based on buyer persona work done previously it was decided that the campaign would target male buyers currently located in the Bay Area and looking to relocate. Sales data told us that not only did these buyers typically have a higher financial means, but they were also interested in the unique multigenerational home offerings.

Because of Premier Homes’ understanding of their customer base, and our ability to extract insights from their data, we were able to leapfrog our way to the middle of the traditional sales funnel. While the definitions of the milestones in sales funnels vary, generally speaking they start with identifying prospects, capturing the interest of the qualified leads within that pool of prospects and capitalizing on those with relevant intent, and then winning (or losing) the sale. Working with Premier Homes, we had already identified our prospects – Bay Area homebuyers – and prequalified the leads that would be relevant: men who were looking to relocate, especially if they had a multigenerational family. This empowered us to operate much more efficiently and effectively through subsequent stages of the effort.

Brand awareness ad campaigns were developed for Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. Our Facebook and Instagram campaigns targeted users based on demographics and browsing behavior, while Google Ads targeted users exclusively based on search behavior. Our social media efforts allowed us to get in front of those users we had effectively identified as pre-qualified leads, while Google Ads allowed us to actively target those in the targeted geographic area who demonstrated intent that placed them in the late stages of the customer journey. The traffic from these campaigns was driven to a landing page uniquely developed for the target person.

Once arriving at the landing page, users were educated on the Premier Homes building philosophy and unique home features. The users who reached the landing page were then served a series of retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram featuring specific models of available homes. Information on how to contact the sales team was also included in these ads. Our goal was to engage and re-engage these users, staying top of mind throughout the duration of their decision-making process.

The Results

The campaigns exceeded our highest expectations, and even our wildest hopes. Ultimately, we were able to bring the campaigns to an end ahead of schedule and before exhausting Premier Home’s budget for the project, as their sales office had enough interested homebuyers to presale all available community spaces.

Subsequently, a similar campaign structure was set up for other Premier Homes communities, with similar levels of success.

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