SAFE Credit Union Website - Three29

SAFE + Three29 = A joint account.

Locally-based SAFE Credit Union has a strong commitment to the financial health of the community they serve. Three29’s reputation in that community led to being the choice vendor for SAFE’s much-needed redesign. After all, it just made cents.

 SAFE Web Brand Guide #three29

research-driven strategy.

Meet Jennifer, Danni, and Peter – our three “customers” that represented SAFE’s target demographic. During our initial research and our discovery process, we came up with three demographic representatives. These individuals serve as a placeholders for the three primary customer-types that SAFE Credit Union serves. From technical audits to card sorts to site maps, every decision came back to what would our three customers do? What would they want? Keeping them in mind kept everyone on the same end goal: making the site better for SAFE’s users.



Crafting a new site with great interest.

Many pages were wireframed, and it helped us lay out a site to better serve our three customers. Different departments worked together and had the ability to cross-reference each other throughout the site acknowledging each user’s multiple needs and bringing value to each page.






Community banking brought into a new era.

Current and future SAFE members are now the beneficiaries of a colorful, engaging, and informative new web site. We like to think Jennifer, Danni, and Peter would be proud. No non-cents about it!

Additional Completed Projects