Tuel Berodin Digital Marketing Case Study

Three29 launched new PPC and paid social media advertising campaigns for Tuel Berodin, a high-end line of products for estheticians. In a matter of months, we achieved an ROI of as much as $31 for every dollar spent.


Retail Skincare
Google Ads, Facebook Ads, & Instagram Ads

The Results


CTR Increase


Cost per Conversion
during agency


Earned for every $1
spent during agency

14:1 ROI

For every $1.00 spent
on SMM & PPC, we saw
$14.00 ROI (vs. industry
standard of 4:1)

Case Study: Tuel Berodin

Comprehensive PPC Strategy

We developed and curated PPC campaigns which we honed in on their specific sub-niche of skincare product-related search terms, effectively using negative keywords to avoid wasting ad spend on retail-focused searches.

Significant Traffic Increase From Paid Social

We developed Facebook and Instagram campaigns which increased landing page traffic by 50%, ad clicks by 30%, and conversions by 60%, with no increase in ad spend. We also A/B tested a new landing page which reduced the average cost per conversion from $15 to $10.

Seasonal & Strategic promotions

We developed a series of holiday campaigns, as well as promotional campaigns with strategic timing and messaging which significantly increased engagement and revenue generation year-over-year. Both retail and professional customers acquired during these events were successfully retained in the long-term.

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