Target Core Demographic Through Strategy Driven Web Design

The previous UFCW Trust site visually looked anything but trustworthy. We had to redesign the website to reflect the expertise, professionalism, and empathy that characterizes UFCW Trust.

We transformed UFCW Trust’s presence, taking a dated and anonymous-looking site and making it clean, vibrant, and first class.

Custom Illustration/Iconography

The previous site was heavy on content with minimal design. To transform the website from dull and newspaper-like to trustworthy and inviting, we took a great deal of inspiration from the rounded typography and illustrated elements of the logo. This roundedness lends a warm and approachable feeling, reflecting UFCW Trust’s goal of being a reliable resource and the best choice for ensuring their members’ wellbeing.

Subtle Interaction/Animation + Imagery

To steer away from the distant print piece feeling of the old site, animations and people-centric images were incorporated. Presenting users with imagery of happy people who look like them drives the message that the site was made for them, with their wellbeing at heart. Subtle animations have been added to heighten the interactivity and allow key elements of the website to stand out and draw the eye.

Downsized & Organized Navigation

To address users being overwhelmed on the old site, the team expanded the main navigation menu to feature key user types, participants and users, each with their own drop downs leading to relevant pages. This reduces the number of navigation items a user would have to interact with. Many of the old site’s pages were combined together, reducing the number of drop down options while making on-page content more comprehensive and informative.

UFCW Trust Website Full Page Render

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