Personality of Your Brand into Instagram Stories

Personality of Your Brand into Instagram Stories

Who doesn’t want (or need) free advertising? Going beyond the already free marketing tool that is your Instagram feed, have you ever thought about how Instagram stories can push your business even further?

We’re here to tell you just how well Instagram Stories are working for brands and how you can implement it into your social media strategy.

While most of us use the Instagram Feed posts we’re all familiar with to show off our best images, the plus side to Instagram Stories is their fleeting nature. This features where you can send quicker produced content that isn’t quite as polished. This could be glimpses into your business such as:

  • Behind the scenes of what your featuring on your normal feed
  • Real-time footage of an event at your store
  • Promotions, special offers, etc.

Yes, keeping up with Instagram’s social profiles requires extra time and effort. So if you still need some convincing that this feature is worth it, we have 5 reasons why you need to add it to your marketing strategy:

  1. You can add links to your Instagram Stories
    • This is actually the only place on Instagram where you can add a live link (besides the bio).
  2. You can tag other accounts
    • This is smart for when connecting with influencers and partners, and can help you drive engagement and awareness of your restaurant.
  3. You can post as often as you like
    • The Instagram algorithm is always changing and it can be tough to keep up with (or work with). That’s why Stories are great for posting as frequently as you want. Your followers can easily find it as soon as they log on.
  4. You can be found by a wider range of followers
    • With the use of location tags and hashtags, Instagram Stories make your business easily more accessible to people who might not be already following your account.
  5. You can be more fun and relaxed
    • The best thing you can do on your Instagram Story is to show your personality, especially if your normal feed keeps a slightly more professional tone. You’re more likely to gain/retain followers when they see your humor and fun side!

No need to wait, start sharing on your Instagram Story today!


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