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Eskaton is a household name in Northern California, providing communities, resident services, and healthcare to thousands.


Collaboration was our cornerstone and together we made a great team!

Originally founded in 1968, Eskaton is associated with quality of life, affordability, innovation, and education. We were honored to embark on a collaborative journey with such a reputable organization.


Anyone who is talking about the web is talking about responsive, because it addresses the outdated need to have both a desktop and mobile version of your site. If you’re going to redesign your site in this day and age, you better have a darn good reason if you plan on not making it responsive, and we knew that the technology was a great use-case for such a varied demographic. A large portion of Eskaton’s traffic is comprised of family members searching for a care facility for their aging parents or grandparents.

While they search on their desktops they also use their phones, a lot! The new Eskaton templates were designed with a responsive bootstrap framework and integrated into DreamWeaver in a way that kept the WYSIWYG — whizz e wig — from completely blowing its top. Eskaton staff are now able to quickly and easily create new, responsive DreamWeaver templates in just a few moments!

Product Design

The final DreamWeaver development was executed client-side. However, Three29 ensured Eskaton’s success by serving as a support tool for questions and feature upgrades throughout the process.

“Working with Kevin and his team has been an absolute pleasure! The process was painless and the final result was exactly what we wanted! I look forward to continuing our relationship with Three29.”

Flo Vohs


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