SIA-JPA App - Three29

Schools Insurance Authority (SIA) is a Joint Powers Authority dedicated to meeting the risk management and risk financing needs of its members.


Helping Schools Succeed

Three29 worked with SIA to turn their Compliance & Regulation Schedule handbook into an iOS and Android app.


The app takes the organization’s 30+ page booklet and makes it easily accessible for on-the-go maintenance staff and school employees. Topics are organized in an alphabetized list, allowing a user to quickly scroll through and spot the exact topic they need. Clicking the topic takes the user to a topic detail page with information on maintenance timeframes.


Resources, cross-references, and contact information are all at the user’s fingertips. We also accounted for Compliance topics and regulations changes by incorporating push notifications, so that maintenance staff and school employees are notified instantaneously when content is added and modified on the app. SIA has the ability to edit the app’s content in real time via an online-based administrative CMS.

Product Design

While the booklet used an array of colors, we stuck to the blues and reds from their logo and incorporated smaller bouts of color throughout the app for a cleaner look. Paired with a playful typeface, SIA has an app that’s light, fun, and a great source of information.

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