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A membership-based website that provides community discourse and industry-leading tech, packaged within a brand that defines the vertical – clean, efficient, smart.

SMA Advance

The little things from a new angle.

When SMA needed a website to house their brand-new SMA Advance loyalty program, they enlisted the help of a trusted partner who would approach the project with the same care as their engineers.


We love working clients who have brand guidelines, and SMA Advance set the bar to the highest level when it came to brand management. As the project kicked off, Three29 accepted the challenge to follow style guides, photo choices, and vision, while also knowing that some rules were meant to be broken. We expanded on the idea of the “notch” and utilized it throughout the site to indicate movement and motion (“Advance”).

Because SMA Advance users are at the forefront of technology and have a taste for the new and now, they were the perfect users to test a new login setup. We fed their appetite by providing a cutting edge off-canvas solution that works in tandem with our site experience. Users remember the uniqueness of the feature and the “feeling” of the action. It provides an instantaneous “aha!” moment for potential new members, and presents SMA Advance in their true form: as current, sleek, tech-pioneers.

Product Design

A strict adherence to brand guidelines, along with a little push and pull, generated a user-interface that grew exponentially when it hit market. The new SMA Advance program continues to outpace any other support group in the industry.

“They are true experts in their field and the value their work has brought to our business is invaluable.”

Ciara Wakefield

Manager, Customer Marketing

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