Rapid Fire with Tyler Longman

Tyler Longman is Three29’s new Digital Strategist, offering our clients long term Social and SEO optimization to keep them competitive in the massive digital marketplace.

Tyler earned his Economics degree from California State University Sacramento with a minor in Marketing. He’s a self-proclaimed “data-driven marketer,” which comes from his passionate focus on number crunching in economics.

Tyler genuinely loves to make connections between people and brands, and allowing people to share their passion in the digital space is his dream gig. 

In line with the keyword maximization Tyler does for others, I asked him a bunch of questions and suggested he answer in one word. Here’s what we came up with:

What’s your favorite social platform? / Twitter
Why should companies harness social media? / Potential
Why do you like social media? / Engagement
What distinguishes a good social brand versus a bad one? / Personality

What’s the coolest thing about Three29? / (Kara Ricks). Culture
Who’s the weirdest at Three29? / Sean
What’s the atmosphere like in the office? / Chill and focused
Name a current client you really want to work with. / Mikuni
Why is Kara so awesome? / Half-nice, half-badass

Name your least-favorite font. / Webdings
What’s your favorite fabric for clothing? / Polyester
Bike, train, or airplane? / Train
Lion, tiger, or bear? / Lion
How would people describe you? / Awesome
What’s the most important thing to you in your life? / Balance
What do you aspire to be? / (The nicest person alive). Incredible

Tyler, we think you’re really incredible. If you think he’s incredible too, send him a welcome shout-out on Facebook. And if you want to make his day, welcome him on Twitter!

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