Rapid Fire with Tim Rytikov

Tim Rytikov is a new developer here at Three29, offering programming skills and expertise to our pool of back-end and front-end geniuses!

Tim earned his Web Design Degree from the Art Institute, where a lot of his additional programming training came from his own endeavors and self-teaching. He’s already built a handful of sites that have stunned clients and he’s a worker-bee that keeps us all on our toes with his focus, drive, and positive attitude.

In line with the critical nature of every character that goes into developing a site, I asked Tim to respond to my questions with a ONE WORD answer.

Here’s what we came up with:

What’s your least favorite programming language? / .Net
Why should companies hire a firm like ours and not a dude working off his couch? / Team
Why do you like programming? / It’s a puzzle
What distinguishes a good programmer versus a bad one? / Solves complexity

What’s the coolest thing about Three29? / People
Who’s the weirdest at Three29? / Eduard
What’s the atmosphere like in the office? / Regular
Name a current client you really want to work with. / TEAMride
Why is Kara so awesome? / Efficiency

Name your favorite color. / Red
What’s your favorite fabric for clothing? / Cotton
Bike, train, or airplane? / Train (then airplane!)
Lion, tiger, or bear? / Tiger
How would people describe you? / Calm
What’s the most important thing to you in your life? / Family
What do you aspire to be? / A better programmer

Tim, we think you’re really awesome and already an excellent programmer! If you think he’s awesome too, send him a welcome shout-out on Facebook. And if you want to make his day, welcome him on Twitter!

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